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10 tips for blondes on how to deal with prejudices about blondes

Everyone knows them: prejudices about blondes!

The cult blonde par excellence: Marilyn Monroe!
Yes yes, blonde women have always been something “special” and unfortunately this hair color is always (still) accompanied by countless clichés, jokes and prejudices. But how should you as a blonde woman best deal with thoughtless sayings, prejudices and blonde jokes? We have a few tips and blonde facts here, with which you can easily counter the next joke attack:

1) Blonde hair as a beauty ideal:

Admittedly: This cliché is not only very flattering, but also true! Because even in ancient times, blonde hair was considered a beauty ideal associated with divine figures and even blonde wigs were made for brown-haired women.

2) Blonde women are better received by men?

Studies have shown that blonde women are indeed more popular with men, but only for the sexual appeal. Dark-haired women, on the other hand, are preferred for marriage and children.

3) The “blonde effect”.

Sad but true, blondes are actually sometimes first said to be unable to think for themselves. This phenomenon is called the “blonde effect.” Crazy, right?

4) “Going blonde is sooo bad for your hair”.

Thanks for pointing that out, we know it ourselves. Now what?

5) “Blondes are going to die out soon.”

Yep, because very few are truly blonde by nature and dark-haired genes are more dominant now. But thanks to hydrogen peroxide, blondes will be with us for a long time!

6) Blondes are always the bad guys.

In almost every teen movie, there’s that one blonde sexpot who steals the boyfriend away from the sympathetic brunette. Thanks for that!


7) “Are you a real blonde?”

No, don’t have a real blonde seal stuck to me, unfortunately. But as I said: hydrogen peroxide makes everything possible!

8) “I bet dark hair would look totally good on you, too.”

Thank you. Are you saying I should dye my hair in a different color now?

9) Blondes usually look younger

That’s right. With blonde we associate youthfulness, femininity and it looks innocent-angelic. That’s why blonde women are often valued younger than dark-haired ones.

10) Blondes are less intelligent?

Studies have investigated whether there is actually a connection between hair color and intelligence and the result was… what a wonder: blonde women are just as intelligent as women with other hair colors.

So what’s the best way to deal with blonde jokes? Just laugh at them and don’t take them seriously!


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