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8 model tricks for a flatter belly – without dieting!

Beach Body in 3-2-1 😍

8 Model tricks for a flatter belly – completely without dieting!

Flat stomach without dieting? Sounds like magic at first – but it really works! You just have to follow the following tricks that all models know. And hey, they have to know it after all, right?


We present you the best beach belly strategies here: You’re so allowed to copy them!


#1: Keep your posture

A perfect, straight posture is not only a real figure flatterer, but also ensures that your abdominal muscles are trained and shaped incidentally.

So girls: sit and stand up straight more often!

#2: Drinking up

Don’t worry: Drinking lots of water won’t make your belly puff up, but it will boost fat burning.

Along the way, a rosy complexion, softer skin and firmer connective tissue beckon. Jackpot!

#3: Eat your veggies

Fruits and vegetables are always a must if you want to stay healthy and fit.

A firm belly, however, conjures up especially watery veggies and fruits like cucumbers, zucchini or watermelons. So snacking is allowed here!

#4: Bring on the almonds!

Although almonds contain a lot of fat, they make for a slim middle – at least that’s what a number of scientific studies suggest!

So treat yourself to a small handful of almonds every day in the unsalted variety and soon rejoice in a firmer waistline!

#5: Take your time!

Many people gobble down their food – this can lead to a disturbed feeling of hunger and cravings.

So take your time when eating, chew consciously and don’t eat standing up or in front of the TV! That way you can pay more attention to what you eat!

#6: Eat the right breakfast!

If you eat a balanced and conscious breakfast, you will save yourself from binge-eating throughout the day.

Healthy food bowls are best, which you supplement with protein-rich toppings like nut butter and jam or chia and flax seeds!


#7: Go for probiotics!

Good bacteria help with digestion and ensure intact intestinal flora – which in turn prevents flatulence and a mini tummy.

So reach for yogurt, kefir or kimchi more often – they’re full of probiotics!

#8: Chewing gum ban

Chewing gum causes you to swallow more air than usual. This, in turn, can lead to a bloated belly!

Therefore, if you want to freshen your breath, you’d better reach for a candy or mint!

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