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Dwayne Johnson in “Jungle Cruise”: In one scene, he was “still hungover”

Dwayne Johnson is without a doubt one of the fittest movie stars of today.

However, he doesn’t seem to be averse to alcohol either, after all, he has launched his own brand of tequila. According to him, that’s why he shot a scene in “Jungle Cruise” hungover – of course, his statement is to be understood with a wink.

Dwayne Johnson in “Jungle Cruise” Disney

Fans can expect plenty of action and humor, with many gags at Johnson’s expense. But the focus is on the dynamic between his character Frank and the scientist Lily, played by Blunt. The chemistry between the stars is right in front of the camera, and even behind the scenes they got on each other’s nerves in a chummy way. During filming, by the way, Johnson got punched in the nose by Blunt – and the cause could well have been the alcohol.


“Jungle Cruise” star got punched in the nose while filming and apparently Dwayne Johnson always shoots “hungover”.

The stars revealed that in a scene where Lily accidentally punches Frank in the face, there was actually more contact than was intended. Why? “You were still hungover,” Emily Blunt blabbed with obvious amusement.

Johnson made no effort to defend himself, confirming, “I was hungover, which I usually am whenever I’m working.” According to his co-star, Johnson’s reaction time was appropriately limited and that’s why he didn’t throw his head back in time to play the hit.

For all the laughs, of course, the truth of the statements may be doubted with a clear conscience. In any case, Blunt and Johnson visibly have fun together and they convey that in “Jungle Cruise.” The new Disney blockbuster is released in cinemas here on July 29, 2021.


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