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Makeup mistakes: Do you always apply your foundation incorrectly?

Many questions commit the popular makeup mistakes and applying the foundation incorrectly. We’ll show you how to do it right!

Foundation is important to create a regular complexion.

Bet you’ve always done it wrong too? When it comes to makeup, you can make a lot of mistakes, but especially when applying foundation, many women make some popular mistakes. On the next few pages, we’ll show you what you should definitely not do and how to apply your makeup correctly!

Why do I actually need foundation?

Foundation is not called “primer” for nothing, because it is the basis of your make-up! Through it you get an even complexion and can conceal all impurities and redness. Provided, of course, you apply this base correctly!

You shouldn’t make the mistake of forgetting your skincare before foundation.

#1 You mustn’t apply foundation on bare skin

It’s a big mistake to apply foundation directly without using a skincare product underneath. As a result, your makeup will get blotchy and the foundation won’t lay over your skin as nicely. You should make sure that the skin care product is not too greasy, so that the foundation does not slip. The aloe vera gel is perfect for dry and stressed skin!

Applying makeup with your hands is wrong, instead you should rather take brushes.

#2 Many also make a mistake with the tool

The foundation should in no case simply be applied with the hands! At least not directly. If you apply the foundation directly with your hands, it can happen that your face then looks blotchy. That’s why you should always apply the make-up with a brush first. Then you can use a beauty sponge to rework the details so that the foundation does not lie so heavily on the skin. The Beakey Pinselseit for only 9.99 € has everything in it, what you need to distribute your foundation properly beautiful.*

For better application of your makeup, you should know what your skin type is.

#3 What is actually your skin type?

If you can’t answer the question right away, you’ve probably always applied foundation incorrectly, too. It’s important to know what skin type you have so you can use the right foundation. Those with dry skin should not use mattifying foundation and instead reach for lighter foundations. However, women with blemished and oily skin should already use mattifying and heavy coverage products, because they last longer, they have matte finish and also cover pimples really well, as well as discolorations. It’s best to try out which foundation suits your skin type better – sometimes you can even mix two different foundations together!

It is wrong to apply foundation in thick stripes.

#4 You’re applying foundation on your face incorrectly

Well, do you always apply foundation in thick stripes too? Unfortunately, that’s a big mistake! Sure, it’s faster and saves us a super amount of time when applying makeup, but by doing so, we make it harder for ourselves to blend, which is important for an even complexion. The result: our skin looks blotchy and uneven. So how do you do it right? Apply the foundation in dots and then gently pat it in. This will take a little longer, but it’s a super easy way to avoid foundation lines. It’s best to start in the center of your face and blend your makeup outward.

The powder after the foundation is also important so that the makeup is not wiped away.

#5 You need to set your makeup

Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, don’t forget to set your makeup with powder. This will make your makeup last much longer. You should at least powder the T-zone, as this is where your makeup usually starts to shine first.

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