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Open relationship: 5 tips you should follow to avoid jealousy

Here’s how it works!

Whether it’s out of a sense of adventure or due to a weakening bed life, many couples opt for an open relationship to get some variety. This involves both of them being allowed to have sexual intercourse with other people. But it often happens that jealousy jeopardizes this form of relationship. We’ll give you five tips to make sure that doesn’t happen:

#1 Openness

If you are thinking about an open relationship, you should clarify right from the start how much you want to know about your partner’s intimate encounters. Test out how many details you can live with and where your boundaries are and stick to them!

A man and a woman kissing in the apartment

#2 Set the parameters

You should also set the framework of your meetings with others. This includes determining with each other whether they may be brought into the shared apartment or overnight stays at others’ homes are allowed. May the affair with one person last longer or are only one-night stands allowed?

In an open relationship, you should also talk about taboos.

#3 Taboos

To avoid jealousy, you should also set taboos regarding the choice of partners. For example, you should ask yourself whether mutual friends or ex-boyfriends are taboo – you should also absolutely stick to these taboos and always talk to each other about exception wishes.

You see a couple and it’s about tips against jealousy in an open relationship.

#4 Regular conversations

In a good relationship, communication is very important anyway, but especially in an open relationship, it is the be-all and end-all. To avoid jealousy or other insecurities, you should talk to each other regularly about this form of relationship to eliminate negative feelings. Open and honest conversations help to clear misunderstandings and other problems out of the way so that an open relationship is beautiful for both of you.

In a relationship, you should put your partner first and not the affair

#5 Put your own relationship in the foreground

Besides good communication, this is the most important rule: always put your own relationship first! To do this, you can, for example, specify locations where third parties have no business being, such as your favorite restaurant or even your own apartment. Consciously and regularly give yourselves time as a couple so that no one feels neglected. A fixed couple’s day during the week can also be helpful in not putting the relationship in danger by being new and open. Third parties also have no place on birthdays and anniversaries. Show each other regularly that you love each other. This will strengthen your bond and your trust in each other, which will prevent possible jealousy in an open relationship in the first place. Plan the home together, you can visit bedroom showrooms for example to find your perfect bed.

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