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Skin problems and pimples due to wearing mask: What helps?

Many of us know the problem: wearing the mask often causes pimples and blemishes on the skin in the zones – But what helps?



The mouth-nose protection is now part of our everyday life. But although we have become very accustomed to wearing the mask, every now and then it presents us with small problems: Not only do we sometimes sweat quite a bit underneath it, our makeup runs, our glasses fog up or other mistakes happen. However, small pimples and skin problems that we usually get from the mask are particularly annoying. We’ve compiled what really helps in this case!


Let’s go!


A mask made of Baumwollte, under which you do not sweat so much, thus preventing pimples

1.wear masks made of cotton

Many are currently suffering from small pimples and blemishes around the mouth and chin area. In some cases, it can already help to rely on a different material and wear a mask made of cotton instead of a synthetic one. Cotton is not only more comfortable than cheap synthetics; it also absorbs moisture, which eventually evaporates. Here, the moisture does not accumulate as quickly as in other materials, which means that pimples are less likely to arise from sweat and breath.


The next measure should not be underestimated either….

2.clean mask more regularly

Actually, you should clean cloth masks regularly anyway and after each wearing, but often you do not get to it or do not take the procedure too seriously. Therefore, on the one hand, you should get replacement masks, and on the other hand, if you have skin problems, you should pay special attention to washing your mask often enough. This is because the skin will come into contact with fewer germs, which can quickly lead to blemishes.


Also, if you may already be doing it, the next tip is basic.

3.clean skin thoroughly

Not only the mask, but also your own skin needs a thorough cleaning. Especially in the evening, you should wash your face carefully and intensively and follow this routine consistently. Nevertheless, the healthy balance is important here, so from now on you should not neurotically wash your face every few minutes, because this only additionally strains the face – especially if you have dry skin.


Maybe you’ve always got the next point wrong….


  1. treat the skin with light care products

Even if it is tempting to treat the face with a lot of care products every day to make the impurities disappear; experts* advise rather to use less and not so radical products for the skin. In this way, the skin can breathe better under the mask. During the day, therefore, the zones under the mask should be treated with light textures and, for example, a serum rather than a cream should be used. Only in the evening you can then now and then care for the areas under the mask more intensively.


The next measure should never be implemented in crowded rooms!

5.take off the mask for airing

Of course, you shouldn’t just take off your mask in public places and in the presence of several people. But if you are in a “safe” area, it is definitely recommended to let some air to your face in between. Especially if you notice that the mask is getting damp or that the skin underneath has been sweating for a long time. Because in the long run, this favors pimples and blemished skin.

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