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These mistakes make you look fatter than you are in skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are supposed to highlight our advantages, but that only works if you prevent the mistakes that make you look fatter.

Skinny jeans are very popular among women.
Taste, of course, is totally different. But almost every woman wears them. The skinny jeans. But often it makes one not so ,,skinny” , as they should perhaps, but thicker. Somehow the thighs look sometimes quite wide or the torso much too short. And that’s not because of your candy consumption, but because of your styling. But some mistakes can be easily prevented. You should also never forget that skinny jeans do not have to be uncomfortable. With the right amount of stretch and the right size, they still fit tight and great without squeezing you in.


A pair of jeans rolled up can make your legs look very short and wide.

1. roll up the legs of your pants

If you are not exactly 1.90 m tall, then your jeans are often too long. The easiest solution seems to be to roll them up. But beware! If you are already rather small, then you should rather leave it. This makes the legs look shorter than they actually are and also the figure looks stockier. Alternatively, you can have the jeans shortened by a tailor. Or you can try it with heeled shoes.

More about this in the next point

A small slit between shoes and pants visually lengthens the leg.

2. the wrong shoes

The choice of shoes can also negatively affect your visual impression. To visually stretch your legs, the best are ankle boots, biker boots, over knees, pumps and sneakers. The small gap between jeans and shoes optimizes the outfit, because it lengthens your legs again. Long legs automatically look much slimmer than short legs. A small gap is now also totally hip for lowers with platform! So if you’re not so into boots, you can give this a try.

A short top in combination with tight jeans is a common mistake.

3. short, tight tops

Especially in summer, we often combine our jeans with tight and short shirts. However, this just emphasizes the upper part of the body, so it looks visually wider in combination with the tight jeans. Wide-cut knitted sweaters or an oversize look in general help against this. You simply tuck the oversized shirt into the waistband of your pants, so that your upper body is visually lengthened. And zack is also the problem zone of the small belly perhaps because it is super concealed. A cool eye-catcher is then a belt that peeks out at the inserted point.

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