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This is why you should avoid cold coffee drinks

Most people love to have cold coffee drinks on hot days. But this is why you should refrain:

Cold coffee drinks are a temptation in summer.
It’s summer, it’s getting hot! It’s clear that we then get the idea to take cold drinks to us. Coffee drinks, such as latte macchiato or a cappuccino are, after all, also available cold – a refreshment for the hot temperatures. But with all that heat, don’t forget how quickly salmonella and other bacteria build up. But why exactly should you avoid cold coffee drinks?


Even in the summertime, many of us do not want to start off a day without our beloved morning coffee! Welcome then, of course, the cold version of the cappuccino or latte macchiato. After all, it tastes just as good, if not better! It is a refreshment in any case. In addition, the popular cold drinks can be bought ready-made in any supermarket. So why not stop off before work and pack a “coffee to go”? But the consumer advice center warns the public not to enjoy coffee drinks cold.

But why should you refrain from enjoying coffee cold?

Cold coffee drinks from the supermarket are not recommended.
The consumer center warns against the coffee cold drinks.
Even if the coffee cold drinks are a temptation, the consumer center warns against them. But why, you’re probably thinking now, we drink them warm too, don’t we? What exactly is the difference? As always, the difference is in the “details.” In principle, you can drink your coffee or macchiato cold, but not if it is industrially produced, i.e. a finished product. But it gets much worse, because not only do you have to change your morning routine and do without your favorite drink in the future. No, you should avoid the coffee cold drink for another reason:

Ready-made coffee drinks often contain a lot of sugar, so you’d better do without them.

This is why you should avoid the cold variety
Unfortunately, coffee cold drinks usually contain so much sugar. The consumer advice center sums this up by saying, “A cup or bottle of coffee drink quickly adds up to 320 kcal between drinks – more calories than are in half a bar of milk chocolate or about as much as in a cheeseburger.” Now you will probably be shocked, because who suspects that you sin a chocolate bar in the morning, when you only drink a coffee?

But unfortunately, that’s not all either!

The coffee cold drinks are very high in calories.

Apart from the calorie bomb….
…there are also a lot of additives in the delicious cold coffee drinks. Unfortunately, they have less and less to do with the delicious coffee you may be used to. The cold drink often contains thickening agents or various emulsifiers, so-called binding agents. Chemistry with calories. That doesn’t sound as irresistible as you thought at the beginning, does it?

If you now think “sugar-free” coffees are okay again, you’re sadly mistaken. Because even in them there is often sweetener, artificial, but that is by no means better. Maybe you even thought you could lose weight this way, because you’re foregoing a “real” meal? Unfortunately, no!

But fortunately, there are alternatives.

On hot days, you shouldn’t give up a cool drink.

But if you still don’t want to give up your morning coffee, you can of course make your own alternative. Fortunately, you’ll know what’s in your cold coffee and you won’t have to worry about calories, because you’re the one who determines the sugar content! And it’s cheaper, too! And if that’s not enough for you, there’s another great recipe from us: The Lemonade, sounds unusual at first, but is super good for the summer and hot days!

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