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Which sign of the zodiac kisses best?

Are you among the kissing experts?

Have you ever wondered how good you are at kissing?

Do you drive him crazy with your skills or is there still room for improvement? The fact that our zodiac sign reveals a lot about our character traits and characteristics is not new to us. But now your zodiac sign should also tell you whether you are among the kissing experts or should practice a little more:

Which zodiac sign is the best kisser?


The Pisces-born person is among the perfect kissers. This stems from the fact that the Pisces would never act selfishly, but rather values pleasing their partner. Therefore, the Pisces is particularly sensitive and gentle with his partner.


Cancer is full of passion and fire. Of course, this is also noticeable in his kisses. Cancer doesn’t limit itself to your mouth, but also lavishes kisses on your neck and nape.


At first glance, you probably wouldn’t think that Aries is a particularly good kisser. After all, he is known for not putting much thought into the subject. But that is exactly what is surprising: Aries acts impulsively, which is why his kissing style can absolutely surprise you.


Taurus wants to experience a kiss in all its intensity. However, this is also the case only with people he really trusts. If this is true, you can experience a firework of emotions! Everything is here: from gentle lip bites to long, sensual kisses.


Libra uses kissing mainly to explore and try things out. Besides intense kisses, you can also get ready for gentle kisses. Libra caresses your forehead, your lips and also your cheeks.

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