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Why men no longer contact women

Here’s why:

Men can drive us crazy all the time. Especially in the early stages, we’re practically chained to our cell phones, as there’s no way we’d want to miss a message from him. Unfortunately, there is hardly a woman among us who has never stared hypnotically at her silent cell phone. But why do men sometimes not get in touch, even though the date actually went really well? Is it us? Did we do something wrong? No! In fact, it’s usually down to the male side.

We’ll tell you why men don’t get in touch:

He lacks courage

Men can be very shy too! Especially if he finds that you are very well received by the male sex, it can make him go away. Because a man also wants to feel special, of course. He definitely does not want to be one of many. And although men often pretend to have high self-confidence, it does not mean that their self-confidence is actually that high! Men often choose the path of least resistance. It is usually easier not to contact them at all than to explain why they are not interested in meeting again.

It’s getting too serious

Men aren’t always looking for a serious relationship. Often, men are already satisfied with the confirmation that they get cell phone number of a woman. So they check out their situation, so to speak, and see if the go down well with women. The cell phone number is then comparable to a trophy. Often, that’s all they want.

Pure politeness?

The first date is usually very superficial. After all, everyone wants to present themselves from the best side. The shady sides only come out very late, with a few more dates needed for this. For this reason, men also pay more attention to appearances in order to make a selection. It can happen that little things like not well-kept fingernails are enough for him not to contact you anymore.

On the other hand, men often have the feeling that they are hurting a woman if they don’t ask for her number. Out of politeness, they then save the number, although they already know at this point that contact will not be made.

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