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You ate watermelon in the wrong way all this time

It tastes even sweeter this way!

You’ve been eating watermelon wrong all along

A tomato sauce without oregano or a steak without pepper? Unimaginable!

There are a whole lot of spices that we now already automatically add to food to improve the taste. But we wouldn’t think of it with fruit, would we? However, there is one spice that will make your watermelon taste even sweeter!

In the summer, watermelon is definitely high on our list of favorite snacks! But it still tastes best when it’s extra juicy and really sweet!

But unfortunately, we occasionally miss the mark and don’t get the sweetest watermelon. In this case, there is a very simple trick, which will help you to enjoy in watemelon sweetness everytime!

All you need is just a certain spice!

All you need to make your watermelon a little sweeter is salt! We have to admit: It sounds really strange. But with salt, the melon is much sweeter than without it!

In this case, the salt acts as a natural flavor enhancer for the fruit.

Still, it’s not uncommon for salt to do well in sweet dishes. There is hardly any cake batter that doesn’t have some salt added to it. In this way, the taste is supported.

However, the quantity is important! You should be careful with salting and not overdo it. In an emergency, you can always add more salt.

At the beginning, add a maximum of a pinch of salt to a piece of melon and slowly approach the right amount of salt. Too much can ruin the taste.


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